Sunday, 17 May 2020

Great Food Affairs SLAB Crisps & Bruschetta

Great Food Affairs are a Cheshire based family business owned by Keith and Beege Robinson, who make a great range of vegan snacks, with their core product being SLABS crisps.   Keith sent me a selection of their vegan range and I loved the colourful vibrant packaging, clearly marked vegan, so no confusion.

I tried the slightly sea salted SLABS first whilst preparing dinner, a glass of wine was a perfect match.   They are big bags weighing in at 80 g so much larger than normal and the first thing that struck me was how chunky SLABS are, with much more potato than your average crisp.   SLABS are exceptionally crunchy, with just enough salt and not oily or greasy, with a great texture.

I tried egg and chips crisps next, with Black Himalayan salt adding the eggy flavour and I absolutely loved them.   The egg taste was amazing and just how I remembered, but without the cruelty involved in the egg industry and highly recommended.

Steven tried the mellow sweet crisps, as I could not try them as they contained soya, which I am allergic to, pleasing Steven no end so he could demolish the whole bag.   Steven thought the crisps were full of flavour, with a spicy hit but not too hot, very crunchy and exceedingly moreish.

The Ardennes pate flavour is derived from yeast extract and were a lovely golden colour, very tasty and quickly demolished.

Bruschetta are a bread snack and great for munching as they are, make a delicious hot snack with grilled cheese on top, broken up to make croutons for salads, or scooping up a dip like houmous, guacamole or mayonnaise.   I tried the fried onion flavour first and a huge waft of delicious fried onion aroma hit me in the face, when I opened the bag. 

I tried tomato and oregano and garlic and parsley Bruschetta next and as with the fried onion were packed with the flavour as described on the packet, crisp, crunchy and very hard to stop eating.

Keith sent me a pot of Chovi vegan aioli, unavailable on the market as yet, due to issues of shipping it being a chilled product and work on an ambient product has been delayed due to the corona virus pandemic.

The aioli is smooth, creamy and great for dipping with bread, crisps, crudite or crackers, but I think it needs way more garlic.   I expected the garlic aroma to be strong and pungent when I took the lid off, maybe I am just a garlic fiend, however it is still delicious.

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Disclaimer:  I received free samples of these products and have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.