Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Forest Foods

Forest Foods are a Manchester based company, trading since 1994, offering vegetarian Grab N Go food, with a great selection of vegan options within the product range.   Forest Foods is the brainchild of Sarah Bird, who originally started making products in her kitchen, drawing on her experiences working in a Mexican restaurant in California and the business has expanded as demand has grown.

I had been wanting to try their products, although sadly much of the range is out of bounds, due to my allergies (I was gutted about this), but Sarah kindly offered to send me some samples to try.   The products are all made fresh to order and can be frozen which is a real bonus. 

The products can be eaten straight from the packet, but can be heated and served hot and make a fabulous lunch time option, for those in the office with cooking facilities.   They are a good sized portion, packed with filling and transport well in your bag if you are out and about and vegan options are few and far between.   The individual flavours are excellent, satisfying and delicious, although for my taste, a little more heat in the spicy versions would be nice, then again my chilli tolerance is that high, no one else would be able to eat them.

My favourite was the mushroom roll, transporting me back forty years, when as an office junior working in a high street bank, I delivered mail on foot to local companies.   On my round I would pop into Oddies Bakery and buy a savoury roll to munch on the way back to work.   I do not know how Forest Foods have done it, but their mushroom roll reminds me of that savoury roll, with its soft flaky pastry and finely minced mushroom and sage filling, yet completely meat free.

You can purchase from Forest Foods direct, as they offer a nationwide home delivery service, with a minimum order of thirty items and you can message or email them for details.   Their products can be found in Spar shops in Manchester, Lancaster and Nottingham University, Village Greens in Prestwich and via Health Store and Greencity Wholefoods in Scotland.

Disclaimer:  I received free samples of these products and have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.