Friday, 31 July 2020

Number Forty Four Main Street Kirkby Lonsdale 31st July 2020

Number Forty Four is a cafe right in the centre of Kirkby Lonsdale catering for vegans, so we stopped by for lunch on our way up to the Lakes.

They had excellent Covid 19 precautions in place, asking all customers to use the hand sanitiser before entering and being seated.

I also noticed as soon as a customer left, the table, chairs and menus were all sanitised with a sign left on the table confirming so to reassure the next customers.

We ordered two Earl Grey teas with oat milk, served with homemade vegan chocolate sweet treats, which is very thoughtful and a first in my thirty three years as a vegan, normally I leave whatever is served on the side as its unsuitable.

Many places are offering a reduced Covid 19 menu so the vegan menu is not currently available, totally understandable and no problem at all.   I had a chat with owner Gabriella who said they had Violife cheddar cheese and feta, a garlic cream cheese and Applewood smoked as well as vegan pesto.   There was a vegan version of smashed avocado, sun blushed tomatoes, mushrooms and chilli on sourdough, or they could make a vegan salad using any mixture of the cheeses.   I chose a Violife cheese toasty with tomato and pesto and Steven opted for the same but with smoked Applewood.

The toasty was stonkingly scrumptious, no other way to describe it, oozing with cheese, perfectly cooked tomatoes and pesto on delicious bread.   I have eaten lots of toasties in my time, including my own and this was better than any other.

Number Forty Four offer vegan cakes and scones, all homemade by Gabriella and I love they are clearly displayed on the sign at the front door, not hidden away somewhere.

I think Number Forty Four is a great place for vegans,  the food was fabulous and we got a lovely welcome and I will definitely be revisiting, sooner rather than later.  Highly recommended.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Spinach Pesto

I had loads of spinach delivered in my weekly Riverford order, so decided to make a big batch of spinach pesto.   This is great with pasta, spread on toasted bread with melted cheese on top, a dip for bread sticks and crudite or in risotto as in my last photo.

350 g spinach
50 g pine nuts toasted
2 garlic cloves sliced
50 ml rapeseed oil
10 g nutritional yeast
Salt and pepper

Toast the pine nuts until golden brown, making sure you move them round the pan so they do not burn then leave to one side.

Pesto usually contains raw garlic, which does not agree with Steven, so I gently cook the garlic in a tablespoon of oil, until lightly golden.

Wash the spinach and remove as much water as possible, so it does not dilute the pesto too much.

Put the spinach, pine nuts, garlic and oil into a large jug and blitz with a stick blender, until the mixture has a creamy consistency, add the nutritional yeast, salt and pepper to taste and blitz again.

I divided the pesto into plastic pots to freeze, which come in really handy, when you want to make a quick meal, like I did the other day and made this spinach and broad bean risotto.