Saturday, 2 November 2019

Caffè Florian Piazza San Marco Venice 20th October 2019

Caffè Florian is a Venice icon and the oldest European coffee house opened on 29th December 1720 and flourishes today, with thousands of customers each year.   In the 20th century Caffè Florian introduced an orchestra to entertain customers and this continues to this day, with a charge of six euros per person for listening, which in my opinion is well worth it.

Earlier in the year I watched a TV programme about Caffè Florian, where Roberto one of the head waiters with more than thirty years experience working with the brand, was interviewed about its history, wine and music, with a visit to the kitchen to speak to chef.   I went online and the vegetarian club sandwich could easily be made vegan, so I emailed to enquire if they could cater for me, when I visited later in the year and this is the lovely reply.

Caffè Florian even have two wines clearly labelled vegan friendly on the list, maybe one day there will be vegan food options on the menu too.

Whilst docked in Dubrovnik I received an email to say chef would like to offer a vegan cheese, but had concerns if it was suitable for me, so sent me the ingredients.   I was blown away by this personal touch, Caffè Florian really go the extra mile to look after their customers and luckily I could have the cheese too.

I said I would arrive at one o'clock and it was very busy, as there were six cruise ships docked in Venice that day.   I explained to the waiter about my special order and he came back to confirm everything was organised, so we ordered two glasses of the vegan white wine and sat back to enjoy the music and atmosphere.

A large tray was served with handmade potato crisps, rosemary houmous, olives and two huge club sandwiches covered with serviettes (protection from the seagulls), wine and a note detailing every ingredient on the tray.   I was offered the note in English too, but I speak a little Italian so could read the note perfectly, so knew exactly what I was eating, but what a lovely caring thought.

The sandwich was scrumptious, the bread was lovely and moist and there was plenty filling, with the houmous, crisps and olives, a nice glass of wine, it was a memorable lunch I will never forget.

If you are visiting Venice and want an experience of a lifetime, then Caffè Florian are more than happy to accommodate you, all you need to do is drop them a line like I did.   Highly recommended.

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