Monday, 27 November 2017

Vegavero Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D3+K2 Sprays

I reviewed Vegavero back in September, after they kindly sent me their Organic Japanese Matcha Tea to try, see my review here.

Vegavero recently sent samples of their vitamin B12 and D3+K2 sprays, a godsend for me, as I will explain. 

The vitamin B12 is based on methylcobalamin, an active coenzyme form of B12 easily absorbed by the human body.

The vitamin D3 is derived from lichen and the vitamin K2 from natto and the two together, help to maintain healthy bones.   I love both sprays are registered with The Vegan Society and carry the Vegan Trademark, which gives reassurance to vegans like me.

I do not take supplements normally, as I am really careful to get nutrients from a balanced diet, but when travelling or on holiday and not in control of my daily food intake, I use supplements.  This is where the problem lies, I nearly choke every time I try to swallow a tablet or capsule no matter how big or small, it makes no difference.   I can drink a huge glass of water and still not swallow the tablet or capsule, so I find it a traumatic process, waste products or end up with the raw product in my mouth, as the outer shell disintegrates, not pleasant at all.

The sprays contain 125 pumps of each vitamin and once open must be used within six months.   As for using them, well it is an absolute cinch, give the spray a good shake and spray one pump onto your tongue.   I was a little apprehensive as to the taste, but the pleasant fruity flavours, remind me of cough linctus my mum gave me as a child, so are suitable for adults and children alike.

The sprays can be popped in your handbag and unlike if you take tablets and forget to take them at home and have no bottle of water available, with the sprays a quick squirt and you are good to go.

Disclaimer:  I received free samples of these products and have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Teahive Manchester Road Chorlton 23rd November 2017

Teahive is an ecletic tea and coffee house in Chorlton, just outside Manchester city centre, around the corner from Unicorn Grocery.   Teahive proudly offer over twenty loose teas and I love their ethos of making as much as possible on site, with many vegan options, which is what attracted me in the first place.

I loved everything about the place, its mish mash of furniture, with nothing matching, but this only added to its charm and perusing the menu, it was difficult to make a choice.   They offer a full vegan breakfast at the weekend, which sounds epic and so now I will have to make a return visit, just to try it.

I chose mushrooms on toast, with extra avocado and a large black decaf Americano, as did Steven, but on gluten free toast.

The dish was piping hot, perfectly cooked, with plenty mushrooms, no skimping on portions at Teahive and it was only £4.95 including the avocado, an absolute bargain and so delicious.  The coffee was as good a decaf as I have had anywhere and I was pleased they offered various plant milks, at no extra cost like some places.

We had a quick chat with Luke at front of house, a friendly guy who explained how they cater for all dietary requirements, even offering vegan afternoon tea if ordered in advance. 

I was well impressed with Teahive, it exceeded my expectations and I will be back to work my way through the vegan options, no wonder people were coming and going whilst we were there, how lucky to have this place on your doorstep.

Home Tony Wilson Place Manchester 22nd November 2017

Home Manchester is a theatre for contemporary art, film, music and more, with a cinema, bookshop and restaurant, with some fantastic sounding vegan options.   It is also handy if you are visiting Bridgewater Hall, like we were for an Alison Moyet concert and very close to the Premier Inn at Manchester Central, we were staying at.

The space is fantastic and was fairly quiet when we arrived, but it was only 17.30 pm, but by the time we left, it was packed.   The restaurant is modern, light and airy and we were shown to a lovely table of two and looked after by Paul.

Home serves pizza too and if you like your pizza with cheese, they also offer a vegan cheese with a charge of £1.

There are also several vegan wines on the list, although sadly not clearly labelled as such, maybe Home will address this issue one day.

Il Meridione
Emiliana Riesling
Domaine de la Motte Chablis
Sierra Grande Pinot Noir
Emiliana Adobe Cabernet Sauvignon
Pablo Y Walter Malbec

I ordered a bottle of the Emiliana Riesling, as you really cannot go wrong with wines made by this wine producer.

I was recommended the cauliflower buffalo wings, by my friend Rynneth on Twitter, so glad I took notice, she was right they were awesome.   The wings were the best I have eaten, they were superb with the zingy buffalo dip and along with olives, almonds and sun blush tomatoes, it was a perfect starter to share.

Main course was mushroom and bhaji burger, with roast red pepper, salsa and fries and it was another excellent choice.   The dish was brilliant so satisfying and delicious and a great combination with the mushroom and onion bhaji and is a dish I will replicate at home, I demolished it all.

Dessert to share was warm dark chocolate brownie with honeycomb and raspberry sorbet and was a spectacular dish, so much so I had to fight Steven over every last crumb.

I am thrilled to have found Home, the food is amazing, the place is fabulous, service from Paul our waiter was spot on and we cannot wait to return, as I have my eye on one their vegan pizzas.

Home Sweet Home Great Northern Square Manchester 22nd November 2017

Home Sweet Home is in the Great Northern, which was the most advanced railway goods exchange station in its time in 1899.   The icon red brick building now houses various restaurants, a bowling alley and cinema complex and yoga and fitness centres, along with a large multi story car park.

Home Sweet Home has a small vegan menu, which I have been wanting to try for ages and going for brunch was the perfect excuse.

I ordered a black decaf Americano, but little did I know that there is a 30 p charge for decaf coffee, until I got the bill.

I drink gallons of coffee and never been charged extra, in either major chains or the smallest independent cafe and although I scoured the online menus, there was no mention.   Steven said it was on the menu in the restaurant, along with a charge for soya milk, it must be a deliberate ploy not to put it online.   I was also not impressed with the price they charge for small bottles of water, wish I had just ordered a jug of tap.

I ordered vegan breakfast, swapping beans for extra of the other ingredients, however seeing the size of the portion, I do not think this was the case and it was overpriced compared to the many other great vegan breakfasts you can find in the city.   There was nothing wrong with the breakfast per se,  it was tasty and well cooked but not substantial enough.

The service was excellent from front of house, but based on the portions and especially those extra charges, I will vote with my feet and take my business elsewhere.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The Barn The Square Scorton 8th November 2017

The Barn is in the village of Scorton not from Lancaster and I have wanted to visit for ages, after seeing various fabulous vegan dishes, they keep posting on Facebook.   Yesterdays post suggested that jerk jackfruit wrap, avocado slaw, black bean and mango salsa and fries was dish of the day, I rang this morning to confirm, then jumped in the car.

It is a pleasant drive out and The Barn is right in the middle of the village, with a large packed car park to the rear and I wondered how everyone could fit inside, as the place does not look big enough, more on that to follow.

There is a gift shop as you go through the front door and we sat in the small cafe area, which is really  cosy and there was also an upstairs seating area, on a mezzanine.

We both ordered the jerk jackfruit, with the salsa on the side, so I could swap mine for Steven's slaw, as I am allergic to black beans.

The whole meal was excellent, delicious jackfruit full of flavour, loved the idea of using avocado instead of mayo in the slaw, crisp fries and Steven demolished two portions of the black bean and mango salsa, so that says it all.   I love they cater for vegans and not just some token boring salad, but well thought out dishes.

We wandered through the gift shop and would you believe we found a massive restaurant and bar, so where we sat must have been the original dining area.   The place is like a tardis, with a small garden centre and outside terrace too when the weather permits and the place was heaving with people.

I found more vegan treats in the shop, as you can see from the photos all chocolate orientated though  sure there were loads of others.

I loved The Barn and can understand its popularity and a big thanks to chef Richard who is responsible for all the wonderful creative vegan dishes, he is doing a great job and I for one will definitely be returning, even though it is a long drive.