Thursday, 18 August 2016

Crispy Mushroom & Star Anise Pancakes

This recipe is inspired by chef Simon Rimmer at Greens restaurant in Didsbury, where his version of the dish, is permanently on the menu.   However I had no five spice powder, no Chinese pancakes, no oyster mushrooms and no plums.   I improvised and was very pleased with the results.

150 g chestnut mushrooms
35 g cornflour
1 star anise finely ground
4 spring onions
¼ cucumber peeled
Plum sauce
6-8 rice paper wrappers
Salt and pepper
2 tbsp rapeseed oil

Serves 2

Cut the spring onions and cucumber into thin battons.   I am not keen on raw onion, so I lightly cooked the spring onions, in 1 tsp oil, until soft.

Put the cornflour into a bowl, with the star anise and plenty salt and pepper.   Quarter the mushrooms, add to the cornflour mixture and mix well.

Shake off any excess flour off the mushrooms and fry in the remaining oil, until crisp and golden.

Prepare the rice paper wrappers, as per the packet instructions, normally soaking in hot water for about 1 min, until soft and then drain on a cloth, to remove the water.

Drizzle on some plum sauce, add cucumber, spring onions and mushrooms, fold the rice paper wrapper round the filling and enjoy.

I sometimes struggle to find rice paper wrappers, so another option is crisp iceberg lettuce leaves.   I also like to serve a chilli dipping sauce on the side, to satisfy my love of spice.