Friday, 12 February 2016

Blue Daisy Cafe Oldham Street Manchester 12th February 2016

I have walked past Blue Daisy Cafe so many times, but knew they had vegan options, as I contacted them via their Facebook page, so decided to call in for breakfast today.

The frontage is only small, but very welcoming, with brightly coloured tables and chairs outside, in the limited pavement space available, though we were not brave enough to sit outside, with it being a cold Friday morning.

The inside is equally as welcoming, its really quirky, cosy and I really like it, with its wooden floorboards and enticing food counter.

I decided on a vegan sausage ciabatta sandwich, with a 'bog standard coffee' as displayed on the chalkboard, with ketchup.   I was not disappointed, the ciabatta bread was lovely and soft, plenty of ketchup and with vegan sausages, was a great way to start the day and the coffee was excellent too.

I had a chat with one of the ladies, who ran through their many vegan options, including roasted vegetables, two kinds of houmous, falafels and salads displayed in their food counter, it all looked delicious.

I will definitely revisit Blue Daisy Cafe when next in Manchester, as I would like to try either one of their salads or sandwiches.

Evelyn's Cafe & Bar Tib Street Manchester 11th February 2016

Evelyn's Cafe & Bar owned by the same team who have Mughli, is in the building where Superstore used to be.   The place itself has had a makeover, since my last visit when it was Superstore and it is much better, light, bright and airy.

I had contacted Evelyn's on Twitter, to ask about vegan options, which is no problem, as they indicate vegan dishes on the menu and are happy to veganise other dishes.

I ordered some olives to start and a glass of fresh orange juice, the olives were some of the best and biggest I have ever eaten, they were delicious.

I also asked for a jug of tap water, which was served in a flip top bottle, infused with fresh mint and slices of cucumber, which was delicious and something I will try at home.

I ordered quinoa and beet salad for mains, replacing the whipped tofu, due to soya allergy, with avocado and grilled aubergine, which was no problem, with a side order of chips.

The salad was a meal in itself and totally delicious, loads of grilled aubergine, fresh herbs, spiralised beetroot, crispy onion rings, avocado, sliced beetroot, red quinoa, bulgher wheat and plenty dressing to bring it all together and the chips were brilliant.

Service was friendly and efficient and based on this visit, I will definitely revisit Evelyn's when next in Manchester city centre.