Saturday, 3 October 2020

The Kings Arms King Street Ulverston 1st October 2020

The Kings Arms is part of the Robinsons Brewery chain of pubs and stands prominent in the centre of Ulverston town and it came to my attention, after someone posted on a vegan Facebook group.

A roaring fire was blazing away in the room we sat in, so it was cosy, warm and very relaxing as we had a drink before dinner.

There are a couple of vegan options on the menu, a pizza and a hot dog and I know they do a three course vegan Sunday lunch too. 

We chose vegan delight pizzas, a side salad and triple cooked chips and I managed to find a vegan wine on the wine list, such a shame they are not labelled.   The waitress put the order through to the kitchen and then returned to ask if we would like vegan cheese, although we declined as we prefer our pizza without.

I certainly was not expecting to find one of the best pizzas I have eaten in a long while, in an Ulverston pub, but I did.   The pizza base was thin and crispy, topped with an excellent tomato sauce, loads of roast vegetables and basil pesto, it was sumptuous and packed with flavour.   The chips were great and the salad was crisp and well seasoned and the pizza really did not need the vegan cheese, it was that good.

I would definitely revisit The Kings Arms for their pizza alone, although their Sunday lunch sounds very temping.

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