Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Alvarium Dorsey Street Manchester 30th September 2019

Alvarium is a bar in the trendy Northern Quarter of Manchester city centre, offering a relaxed atmosphere to have a drink and a bite to eat.

Alvarium means 'beehive' so bees feature heavily in the interior design, with a feature wall of foliage, flowers and bees, menu logos and of course worker bees are the symbol of Manchester.

The menu is all vegan, with vegan wines and a full list of vegan cocktails which is fantastic, I wish more places did this.

I chose jack a l'orange, escalivada and polenta fries and Steven opted for black eyed pea and squash curry, with sticky tamarind potatoes.

The food was scrumptious, the curry had a perfect mix of spices, yet not too hot and the tamarind potatoes were a perfect partner.   The polenta fries with tahini mayo were so moreish I could easily munch on them forever, the escalivada was packed with flavour and jackfruit with orange was very creative and delicious.   We were impressed with our lunch and next visit, after seeing a customer being served the magnificent looking beer battered gem lettuce sandwich, I know what I will be having.

We had a brief chat with General Manager Max, a vegan herself, who created the vegan cocktail list and had a hand in the vegan options being offered, created by talented head chef Adam Leavy, which I think will pay off.   Manchester has a huge vegan community and to be able to wine and dine knowing everything is vegan, is reassuring for diners like me.   Highly recommended.

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