Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Co-Op Dry Shampoo

My hair is exceedingly finicky and is greasy and lanky even the day after shampooing, my fringe is high maintenance and washing it every day is not an option.

I have tried various dry shampoos, I used to use Batiste dark brown dry shampoo, until someone pointed out they sold in China and tested on animals (I was gutted).  I swapped to Superdrug own brand equivalent, though never liked it or the results, but better than nothing.

On a trip to Bridlington, I went into a local Co-Op to buy something else and happened to see their own brand dry shampoo, right next to a similar sized can of Batiste but £1.80 cheaper. 

There are two sizes, 100 ml and 200 ml, so I bought a small one to try for a £1.  The dry shampoo is cruelty free, vegan and although I am not keen on many floral scents, I do like the pink blush.

How does it perform, well it certainly had its work cut out, having walked nine miles in Bridlington in wind and rain, I looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards.   I sprayed it over my hair, brushed it through and then tipped my head upside down, which helps with volume and gave it a good brush through to remove it all.   I then combed and styled it, a quick blow with the hair dryer on my fringe and I was good to go.

The shampoo removes grease and oil, adds volume and is easy to brush through my hair, unlike the Superdrug version, which made it extremely difficult.   This product made my hair feel soft and manageable, whereas other products tend to leave a coating on my hair so it looks dull.

I used the dry shampoo for a further three days and each time it revived and refreshed my hair and its results so impressive I went back to the Co-Op and bought two of each size, to put into stock.

The final bonus is when I wash it out, unlike the Superdrug product, which leaves a residue and dulls my hair, even after a good shampooing, the Co-Op product does not, it completely rinses out.

I wish I had found this product before now, its like a defibrillator for hair like mine and an absolute godsend.   Highly recommended.

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