Sunday, 5 August 2018

Corkers Crisps

Corkers Crisps are a British company, established in 2010 based in Ely Cambridgshire, where their family have been growing potatoes since the 1800's.   The secret to their crisps is the fabulous Naturalo potato, grown in the rich fertile soil of the Fenlands, which absorb less oil than other potatoes.

Corkers Crisps introduced a new range of olive oil crisps, all but one being vegan friendly and clearly labelled on the back.

I had not heard of Corkers Crisps, until their new range of crisps caught my eye on social media, available exclusively from Ocado.   Unfortunately Ocado do not deliver to my postcode, even though their vans take a shortcut past my house and all queries as to why they cannot change their delivery area have fallen on deaf ears.   I asked Corkers Crisps where else I could buy them and they kindly sent me a sample box to try.

Corkers crisps are hand cooked in award winning olive oil, produced by the Mueloliva family in Andalucia. contain no artificial additives or MSG.   I tried the lightly sea salted and sea salt and balsamic vinegar flavours first, as they are both my favourite.

Lightly Sea Salted

Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar

The crisps were small presumably due to the variety of potato, which I think adds to their crisp and extremely crunchy texture, with that distinct olive oil flavour and aroma.   The lightly sea salted were a lovely golden colour, with just enough sea salt to season.   I love balsamic vinegar and the sea salt with balsamic is such a great flavour combination, with a good punch of balsamic and again very crisp and crunchy.

Rosemary & Garlic

I happened to have the rosemary and garlic in my bag, when I called into Caffe Nero for lunch and they were a perfect match for my sweet potato and beetroot houmous wrap.   These are my favourite flavour so far, with a real punch of rosemary, one of my favourite herbs and a hint of garlic, absolutely loved them.

Next to try were the vegetable crisps, I will be honest vegetable crisps are not normally my thing, so I opened these with caution.

Sweet Potato & Sea Salt

The sweet potato were a gorgeous colour, crispy with a slightly sweet candied flavour, and they were polished off in a jiffy, I really enjoyed them to my surprise.

Parsnip, Sweet Potato, Beetroot & Sea Salt

I was also surprised how much I enjoyed the parsnip, sweet potato and sea salt crisps, crunchy, sweet and not greasy at all, which is a downside to some crisps.

I am very much a crisp addict and would choose them over anything sweet every time, so Corker Crisps get the thumbs up and I love the vegetables are grown and produced in the UK and fried in olive oil.   I just need to find a stockist, until Ocado get their act together or they are more widely available, but I am sure Corkers are working on that.

Disclaimer:  I received free samples of these products and have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

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