Friday, 15 June 2018

Pollen Bakery Cotton Field Wharf Manchester 14th June 2018

Pollen Bakery recently moved to their new home at New Islington, an up and coming area of Manchester, which overlooks the canal.   The premises now include a cafe area, as well as the bakery and I had been meaning to visit for ages.  Pollen Bakery are renowned for their sourdough, trust me it is the best I have ever eaten, perfect crust, lovely open texture and as for the aroma.

The inside is light, bright and airy, with lots of wood, communal tables and the fabulous smell of fresh baked bread.

We found a table in the window and one thing I immediately liked was a jug of fresh water and glasses on the table, so no wasteful plastic bottles.   Another big plus for me as a vegan, was Bio D hand wash in the toilet, I always take my own hand wash with me when out and about, no need to use it this time.

I ordered chargrilled aubergine, pepper, salad and radish on sourdough, with a pot of peppermint tea.   The sandwich was huge, probably because it is difficult to thinly slice sourdough, with loads of filling, the aubergine was perfect.   The juices from the vegetables had soaked into the bread and I could have eaten it, till it came out my ears it was that scrumptious.

I was full afterwards, otherwise I would have grabbed a slice of the fabulous looking chocolate olive oil cake, clearly labelled on the counter.

I really liked Pollen Bakery and it is fantastic that places like it are offering vegan options, certainly one to visit for a relaxing coffee and something to eat.

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