Monday, 4 June 2018

Folk & Soul Thomas Street Manchester 3rd June 2018

Folk & Soul is a brand new 100% vegan bar, cafe and live music venue, in what was Odd Bar and I had been waiting for it to open for ages, so I could check out the refurbishment.

I loved what they have done to the place, the interior looks twice as big as it did previously , so light and bright with lots of wood, the complete opposite of how it was, a chilled relaxed atmosphere to dine.

There are currently two food menus, a breakfast menu available from 10.00 am and a small plates all day menu, with further menu development in progress, to include main courses and desserts.  All drinks are vegan friendly, which is such a relief and makes choosing so much easier.

I went for breakfast ordering a full vegan breakfast, swapping tofu and beans for avocado, with gram flour pancakes for Steven.   I find it strange Folk & Soul do not offer gluten free bread for their customers, to accompany the other breakfast options on the menu, let us hope this changes.

The food was excellent, with a huge potato cake under the oyster mushrooms and aubergine was a nice change on the full vegan and the pancakes were delicious too.   The only thing I really do not like are glass coffee cups, when I order a coffee I want a big mug, it just does not seem right to drink coffee out of what is basically a glass.

When we visited in the evening, I ordered a very nice bottle of Finca Besaya Rioja, whilst perusing the menu, a difficult job, as all the dishes sounded amazing.

We kicked off  with nachos with mushroom chilli, guacamole, pico de gallo, coriander and tofu creme fraiche on the side.   This dish set the tone for an evening of wonderful food, it was delicious, packed with flavour, the mushroom chilli was pretty amazing, just a perfect start to the meal.

I then ordered all the small plates, apart from the tempura vegetables and thai corn fritters, as we were starving, having walked around the city all day.

Cauliflower popcorn with dipping gravy was fabulous, the crisp coating on the cauliflower soaked up the gravy, it was a cracking dish.

Triple cooked fries with beetroot ketchup, barbecue sauce and wasabi mayo was another classic, the fries were as good as any I have eaten, very moreish and the dips were so tasty.

Cauliflower skordalia was a work of art on a plate and the flavours matched up to its presentation, this was one of my favourite dishes, so scrumptious.

Satay artichoke hearts were served in a cast iron pot, with slightly different vegetables as described on the menu, but was another spot on dish.

I was impressed with the whole experience, from the warm welcome and friendly service from the two members of staff working that night, to the faultless food.   I could not think of one critique of the entire meal, this is accomplished cooking, that puts to shame many Michelin and AA rosette restaurants I have been to.   Whoever the chefs are they can be proud of their creative, satisfying dishes, I really cannot wait to return and see what else is on the menu.   Do not go to Manchester without visiting, you will be missing out on some excellent food.

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