Saturday, 30 June 2018

Filmore & Union High Street Skipton 29th June 2018

Filmore & Union have various sites in Yorkshire and several were hosting a two night vegan night, so I booked to go.   The menu looked like lots of thought had been put into it, with some interesting dishes, so I was looking forward to visiting.

When we arrived, it was very quiet, perhaps this was a sign, maybe others had experienced the food at other vegan nights and given it a miss.   I enquired about vegan wines and our waiter said there were none, apart from Prosecco,why host a vegan evening and not offer suitable wines.

We ordered three carrot and thyme pancakes and one asparagus and white bean houmous, these were really delicious, good sized portions and we polished them off.

When the main courses arrived our friend's gyoza dumpling dish was excellent and I wish I had ordered it, when I saw what mine was like.

Steven and our other friend chose biryani, which looked like a sloppy soup with rice in it, so the potato rosti on top was all soggy.   I have eaten biryani many a time and never seen anything like it, so have included Filmore and Union's photo of the dish on their Twitter feed, as a comparison.

I was so underwhelmed by my filo tart, I forgot to take a photo, it was minute, a thin whisper of under cooked filo pastry, plonked on top of a massive mound of quinoa tabbouleh, I have included Filmore and Union's rendition off their Twitter feed.   The one I was served was easily a third the size, with not much filling and pale pastry nearly the same colour as the white plate.  I mentioned this to our waiter, who really was quite indifferent and said he would tell the kitchen, sorry that is not good enough.

My fingers were crossed dessert would save the day and it was an improvement, with a tasty amaretto peach, chocolate and orange brownie and a strawberry and vanilla cashew cream tart to share.   The tart had hardly any pastry, was pale in colour and under cooked with a soggy bottom, due to the very soft vanilla cream.   I cannot understand the skimping on the filo pastry, it does not cost a fortune and why not brush it with some oil or melted vegan margarine when baking, so it goes brown and crisp.

I was very disappointed with the whole experience, it is not the first time visits to Filmore and Union have been less than satisfactory and I would definitely recommend giving it a miss.

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