Thursday, 3 May 2018

The Stables Westover Road Bournemouth 2nd May 2018

The Stable is a small chain of pizza restaurants in the South of England, whose name originates from its first location in a stable.   They pride themselves on offering fine food and crafted cider, with each location sourcing products locally, so the ingredients vary depending on where you visit.

The Stable offers a vegan menu, which changed to a much larger menu on the 1st May, than the one I had seen on their website, when researching where to dine in Bournemouth.   It is a shame they do not clearly label vegan friendly wines, which meant I had to do a lot of Google searching before our visit, so I knew what I could drink.

Inside The Stable is all bare wood, trestle tables and wooden benches, with lots of glass to let the light in, with an outside seating area too for warmer weather.

The only thing I was not keen on and maybe it is an age thing, is the ordering system, as you have to go to the bar to order food and drinks and pay as you go, so you can make numerous trips to order.  On a Wednesday night there were queues, as there were a few large parties in and I cannot imagine how busy and what wait you would have on a Friday or Saturday night.

I asked for their allergen list, but due to the recent menu change, this was not available, but the chap I spoke to, was really helpful, going to the kitchen to ask chef.  I ordered a glass of Ca Luca Pinot Grigio which went perfectly with my starter of purple haze salad, a tasty light dish of crunchy red cabbage, chargrilled sweetcorn, broccoli, pine nuts and a delicious dressing.

Mains were The Good Life pizza for me, without the soya based vegan cheese and a Heart Skipped A Beet pizza for Steven with extra chillies.

The pizzas were excellent, with a lovely base, just the right amount of tomato sauce, plenty toppings and with some garlic and herb oil, made for a spot on pizza.

I think The Stable is a great alternative to other high street pizza chains, but I was not keen on the keep going to the bar to order food and drinks idea.  However I suppose if you're in a large group it works, as everyone can pay individually, but that then means if you're queuing to buy a glass of wine, you could have a large wait.

Highly recommended for the food though.

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