Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Millside Restaurant Mill Lane Lyme Regis 9th May 2018

The Millside is in Town Mill courtyard, which houses various businesses including a working flour mill, a hydro electric system producing green electricity and art galleries amongst others.

I walked past The Millside and always on the look out for vegan options, checked the menu board outside and was pleased to see a main course dish, but no starter or dessert.

I emailed to ask about other options and enquired if they could let me know which wines were vegan friendly and was impressed with owners Richard and Jessica's response, so booked a table for dinner.

The Millside is lovely and cosy, with perfect lighting for dining, but not too low to take food photos thankfully.

When I sat down, two things jumped out at me, first was the very clear labelling of vegan wines, on a copy of the wine list printed off specially for me and a bowl of oil and balsamic to go with my bread, now that is attention to detail.   The sourdough bread was fabulous with its distinct aroma, aerated texture and lovely crust, it would have been easy to eat far too much.

There were so many vegan wines, it was difficult to make a choice, but a bottle of Finca Constancia Verdejo sounded perfect and it was.

My beetroot and smoked walnut salad, served with pea shoots was a generous portion, but I absolutely love beetroot, so with crushed walnuts, olive oil and plenty seasoning, I was very happy.

Main course was quite substantial too, with a carefully layered terrine, so presentation was very pretty.   The terrine melted in the mouth, with perfectly cooked vegetables, a sticky red wine jus and all the ingredients on the plate married well together.   My only comment would be the dish was missing a protein element, perhaps some kind of beans, but I have to hand it to Richard he knows how to showcase vegetables, I left not a scrap as testament.

There was a choice of desserts, various sorbets with either cinnamon poached pear or poached rhubarb, I chose rhubarb with rhubarb sorbet as recommended, a refreshing light ending to the meal, which I was glad about, as I was absolutely fit to burst.

I do not imagine The Millside get many vegan diners, yet they put such care and effort into accommodating me and I am sure Richard has other lovely vegan dishes up his sleeve, which I would love to try, if I ever revisit Lyme Regis.

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