Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Steep & Filter Otley Street Skipton 29th October 2018

Steep and Filter is a vegan coffee house in Skipton, opened in February and I have visited regularly since then, as I just love the concept.

The interior is modern and minimalist, with lots of wood and lovely stencilling on the walls and a good play list of songs, to chill out too.

The menu is concise, offering breakfast, lunch, a good selection of teas, coffees, cold drinks, cakes and biscuits.   However I am always suspicious of places with a huge menu, so concise I am more than happy with.

I ordered topped toast of mushroom, kale and cashew pesto without sunflower seeds and Steven ordered gluten free beans on toast, with bacon bits.

We really enjoyed our delicious lunch, with plenty of topping on both dishes and with a breakfast tea and genmaicha tea, it made for a perfect lunch.

Steep and Filter have also introduced a refill station, so you can bring your own bottles and fill them with Ecoleaf washing up and laundry liquid, hand soap, multi surface cleaner and buy other Ecoleaf products, which is a fantastic initiative to reduce plastic usage.

They also offer shampoo and conditioner bars, lip balms, dental products, deodorants, reusable coffee cups and lots of other eco friendly items.

I love Steep and Filter and we always visit for lunch whenever in Skipton and each time there is always something new, like the refill station.   They have also hosted a couple of guest chef evenings, but sadly we have always had a prior engagement, so lets hope they have more, so we can attend.

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