Monday, 19 March 2018

Northern Bloc Ice Cream

Northern Bloc are based in Leeds and responsibly source the best ingredients, to produce traditional ice creams, with a modern twist, using no additives, emulsifiers, artificial flavours or colours.

In  2018 a range of four vegan ice creams were brought to market, after two years of innovation carrying The Vegan Society Trademark, which gives reassurance to vegans like me.   I avoid most ice creams due to allergies, as most contain soya or guar gum, but Northern Bloc products contain non of these ingredients, apart from soya lecithin in the peanut chip.   I can tolerate soya lecithin, due to how it is derived from the oil refining process and the protein allergen not being present, so this is a major point score for Northern Bloc.

I love the flavour combinations, bringing classics bang up to date, with exotic undertones like rose, yuzu and orange blossom.   I found it best to remove the ice creams from the freezer ten minutes before serving, to allow them to soften slightly for scooping.   The ice creams are rich and decadent, with a smooth creamy texture and are not your every day ice cream.   I could not leave Steven out of the tasting and strangely enough we both rated the ice creams exactly the same.

 Peanut Chip

Peanut chip was both mine and Steven's favourite, rich creamy and nutty, with a crunchy texture from the chocolate chips, it would be so easy to devour the whole pot.

 Hazelnut & Rose

Hazelnut and rose came in second on the flavour front, with the distinct taste of roast hazelnuts, married with just the right amount of rose essence, we were really splitting hairs between this and the peanut chip.

 Chocolate & Orange Blossom

Chocolate and orange blossom came third, with its subtle flavour of orange blossom, balanced against rich dark chocolate, it was pretty amazing and chocolate addicts will love it.

Strawberry & Yuzu

Strawberry lovers will love this sweet combination with yuzu,  it was our least favourite, only because neither of us are big on strawberries, but it sure had full on flavour. 

Northern Bloc researched the use of their plastic pots, recyclable dependent on your kerbside collections and interestingly the other alternative, wax paper pots, are more difficult to recycle.  In any case I will reuse the plastic containers, for freezing things like soups and stews, as they are a perfect size.

Leeds based Northern Bloc's ice creams are available at independents, via northern based company Suma, at a retail cost of around £5.49 so similar price point to competitors.   Northern Bloc are currently working to supply to Waitrose, Co-Op and Ocado, so I shall sign up to their email newsletters, to keep up to date as regards availability, as currently nowhere near me stocks their products.

Disclaimer:  I received free samples of these products and have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

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