Saturday, 24 February 2018

Eastern Bloc Records Stevenson Square Manchester 24th February2018

Eastern Bloc Records is a quirky chill out kind of place in my favourite part of Manchester, the Northern Quarter.   They offer vegan breakfast for £8.00 proudly displayed on the board outside and I have been meaning to try it for ages.

I love the interior, perfect for a lazy morning breakfast, in a quiet corner, after too much alcohol the evening before.

I chose vegan breakfast, with extra avocado instead of beans, but forgot to swap the sausages, however I knew Steven would eat them.   A large decaf black Americano was a perfect pick me up and if you like milk they offer soya and almond milk, at no extra charge.

I loved the breakfast even without sausages, everything was cooked perfectly and the seasoning was spot on, chef knows how to cook for sure, the toast was excellent too.

I notice there were two vegan sandwiches on offer and a great selection of vegan cakes in the cabinet, so guess where I will be heading for coffee and cake, next time I am in Manchester.  Highly recommended.

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