Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Sweet Paradise Calle de Callao de Lima Santa Cruz 30th December 2017

Sweet Paradise is a 100% vegan cafe on a quiet street and as we walked past earlier in the morning, it was packed, so were lucky to get a table, when we returned later for lunch.

Sweet Paradise is bright, airy and light and had a lovely cosy and calm atmosphere, so you felt relaxed and happy.

Sweet Paradise offer a vegan brunch for 8.5 euros and the waiter explained the different dishes, but we had had a late breakfast, so decided to choose off the menu.   However the brunch dishes that were served to other customers did look fantastic, so will have it next visit.

I chose a kale and seitan burger, requesting no mayo and Steven chose a beet burger, with two pots of tea, one peppermint and one green.   My first burger came with vegan mayo containing soya and mustard, so they made me another one with houmous, by which time Steven had wolfed his. 

 Beet Burger

 Beet Burger

Kale & Seitan Burger

Kale & Seitan Burger

At first glance, I thought the burgers looked a bit dry, but I was wrong, they were delicious and the bread was really good, so mine did not last long either.   

I had already spotted the desserts in the fridge, so enquired if any were soya free and luckily for me, they all were, so I chose a lemon, coconut and white chocolate trifle.

My dessert was as scrumptious as it looks, layered with lemon curd, sponge, coconut cream and white chocolate chunks, it was awesome.

Sweet Paradise is a fabulous place and although there are a couple of other vegan places in Santa Cruz, which we checked out, this is definitely the best.

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