Monday, 8 January 2018

La Dulce Boutique Calle Bernardo de la Torre Las Palmas 29th December 2017

La Dulce Boutique is owned by the lovely Felice from Naples and Barbara from Belgium, who immediately made us feel at home, in their raw vegan bakery.

La Dulce Boutique is only a small space, with a couple of tables, as its more a takeaway, but they also serve a raw sandwich of the day, depending what ingredients are in stock.

Today's sandwich of the day on raw bread, was beetroot carpaccio, homemade macadamia cheese and lots of other little bits and bobs, with olives and caper berries, it was awesome, fresh, light and delicious.

The macadamia cheese was amazing, as were the cakes in the display cabinet, all looking delightful, which made for a very difficult choice.

The two cakes below won the day and Steven and I shared them, with a refreshing cup of tea, it was a scrumptious end to our lunch. 

We had a chat with Felice and Barbara, there was a lot of hand gestures and my pigeon Italian, as Felice only spoke a little English, but we got the gist of things and really enjoyed it.

If I am ever in Las Palmas, I will be making a speedy beeline to La Dulce Boutique, it is too good to miss.

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