Friday, 19 January 2018

El Marchador Tacos at Hatch Oxford Road Manchester 18th January 2018

My first review of 2018 and what a great one to kick off with.   I reviewed El Marchador Tacos back in September (see here), but their new home is now at Hatch a retail and leisure space on Oxford Road.   Ben and Gemma knock out delicious vegan Mexican food and I have been dying to try it again, so a trip to Manchester for my birthday was a perfect excuse.

They make everything themselves, the sauces, salsas, tamales, tortillas and you can tell the love and attention that goes into the food.

I chose the tostada with chipotle roasted squash, with chillies, salsa and sauces, just how good does this look, it tasted even better, a wonderful creative topping, with squash cooked so perfectly that you could even eat the skin, it certainly tickled the taste buds.

Steven chose the tamale with 'drunken' beans, made from corn dough or masa harina, steamed in a corn husk, served with pickles, chillies and sauces.   The corn dough was so light, not stodgy at all, is gluten free and he said it was perfect on a cold rainy winters day in Manchester.

I highly recommend El Marchador Tacos for top quality plant based Mexican street food and I know they have plans for 2018, including kitchen takeovers and I would definitely visit wherever they happen to be, it is lush food.

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