Saturday, 6 January 2018

Amaranta Calle Embajador Vich 7 Valencia 15th December 2017

Amaranta is cafe bar serving vegan food, in a quiet area of Valencia owned by Julian and Malena, who are a lovely couple.

There is a good selection of dishes for breakfast, brunch and lunch, when you can have three courses for the bargain price of 8.90 euros.

Steven chose the three course lunch and I chose a tortilla vegana and bravas Amaranta, after Malena kindly explained the Spanish menu in English.

The three course lunch began with a bowl of creamy leek soup, which Steven said was absolutely delicious.

At the same time as his second course of quinoa and shitake mushroom balls with peas and carrot puree arrived, so did my tortilla.

I had eaten half my tortilla by the time I remembered to take a photo, but both dishes were tasty and satisfying and were polished off quickly.

Rice with raisins, apple salsa and sprouts followed, an unusual combination, but surprisingly Steven said it worked well and as for my bravas Amaranta, I could have eaten two portions, they were that good.

I was full by this time, just as Steven's dessert arrived, an apple tart, made with medjool dates and nuts and although it looked dry, it was very moisture and tasty.

Amaranta has only been open since November 2017 and I hope locals and tourists support them in their venture, as they are so keen and friendly.   Another highly recommended place.

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