Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Moon Highgate Kendal 1st November 2017

The Moon Highgate is a family business, offering locally sourced produce, in a relaxed and chilled setting, in the busy town of Kendal.   They offer excellent vegan options, fabulous desserts, a wine list with clearly labelled vegan wines, so it is heaven for diners like me.

We were celebrating as it was World Vegan Day, kicking off World Vegan Month, my 31st vegan anniversary and Steven had just finished Go Sober for October.    We ordered a very nice bottle of Kintu Cabernet Sauvignon, whilst perusing the menu, a difficult choice, as everything sounded so good.

I chose salt baked beetroot salad, beetroot vinaigrette and walnuts to start, a light tasty dish, I love beetroot and with the crunch of walnuts and peppery radish, it was a perfect start to the meal.

Main course was roast Jerusalem artichokes, cavolo nero and baked spelt, with sides of Chantenay carrots and a side salad.   I think it is great when even the side dishes are labelled vegan friendly, no having to ask questions, this gets a big thumbs up from me.

What a satisfying autumnal dish this was, the artichokes were fantastic, I will be buying some to cook myself, I loved every element on the plate, you could see the attention to detail, even down to the mirepoix of vegetables, uniformly diced and cooked with the spelt.   The carrots were to die for too, I could eat a mountain of them on their own.

I was ruined for dessert options, so ordered the bitter chocolate ganache and caramelised pineapple to share, how wonderful to have that option.

I need say no more about the puddings, just check out those photos, they say it all, scrumptious and heavenly.

We had a quick chat with chef Leon, who said he felt a bit limited on vegan options, but having had some poor experiences over the last two weeks at other restaurants, I think he is underselling himself, I think he is very creative.   We also had a chat with Helen, his wife, who was equally enthusiastic about their vegan options and I even gave my blog details to our waitress Cat, who was vegetarian.

What a great place The Moon is, highly recommended to other vegans when in the area, I will certainly be making a return visit.

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