Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The Barn The Square Scorton 8th November 2017

The Barn is in the village of Scorton not from Lancaster and I have wanted to visit for ages, after seeing various fabulous vegan dishes, they keep posting on Facebook.   Yesterdays post suggested that jerk jackfruit wrap, avocado slaw, black bean and mango salsa and fries was dish of the day, I rang this morning to confirm, then jumped in the car.

It is a pleasant drive out and The Barn is right in the middle of the village, with a large packed car park to the rear and I wondered how everyone could fit inside, as the place does not look big enough, more on that to follow.

There is a gift shop as you go through the front door and we sat in the small cafe area, which is really  cosy and there was also an upstairs seating area, on a mezzanine.

We both ordered the jerk jackfruit, with the salsa on the side, so I could swap mine for Steven's slaw, as I am allergic to black beans.

The whole meal was excellent, delicious jackfruit full of flavour, loved the idea of using avocado instead of mayo in the slaw, crisp fries and Steven demolished two portions of the black bean and mango salsa, so that says it all.   I love they cater for vegans and not just some token boring salad, but well thought out dishes.

We wandered through the gift shop and would you believe we found a massive restaurant and bar, so where we sat must have been the original dining area.   The place is like a tardis, with a small garden centre and outside terrace too when the weather permits and the place was heaving with people.

I found more vegan treats in the shop, as you can see from the photos all chocolate orientated though  sure there were loads of others.

I loved The Barn and can understand its popularity and a big thanks to chef Richard who is responsible for all the wonderful creative vegan dishes, he is doing a great job and I for one will definitely be returning, even though it is a long drive.

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