Thursday, 23 November 2017

Home Sweet Home Great Northern Square Manchester 22nd November 2017

Home Sweet Home is in the Great Northern, which was the most advanced railway goods exchange station in its time in 1899.   The icon red brick building now houses various restaurants, a bowling alley and cinema complex and yoga and fitness centres, along with a large multi story car park.

Home Sweet Home has a small vegan menu, which I have been wanting to try for ages and going for brunch was the perfect excuse.

I ordered a black decaf Americano, but little did I know that there is a 30 p charge for decaf coffee, until I got the bill.

I drink gallons of coffee and never been charged extra, in either major chains or the smallest independent cafe and although I scoured the online menus, there was no mention.   Steven said it was on the menu in the restaurant, along with a charge for soya milk, it must be a deliberate ploy not to put it online.   I was also not impressed with the price they charge for small bottles of water, wish I had just ordered a jug of tap.

I ordered vegan breakfast, swapping beans for extra of the other ingredients, however seeing the size of the portion, I do not think this was the case and it was overpriced compared to the many other great vegan breakfasts you can find in the city.   There was nothing wrong with the breakfast per se,  it was tasty and well cooked but not substantial enough.

The service was excellent from front of house, but based on the portions and especially those extra charges, I will vote with my feet and take my business elsewhere.

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