Sunday, 5 November 2017

Bertrams Restaurant Royle Lane Burnley 4th November 2017

Bertrams Restaurant is located at the very swish Crow Wood Spa and friends invited us to join them, as we had not seen them for awhile.

I enquired as to vegan options and was sent a vegan menu, with a request to order up front, so asked for cauliflower pakoras,  but change the Asian dipping sauce for red pepper houmous due to allergies and wild mushroom, leek and garlic risotto, with a side salad.

The week before our visit, I received this mail:

I just went through your pre-order for the 4th November and I forgot to mention to you that the red pepper houmous instead of the Asian dipping sauce will have an extra £3 charge

I was shocked, in all my years of dining out I have never had a restaurant want to charge extra for swapping one item and replacing it with another, making the total cost of the dish £9.50, even more expensive that the most expensive starter.   I rang to complain and was not impressed with the response from either the young girl who sent the email or the Manager, so said I told her not to bother with the houmous.

So our visit got off to a bad star, however the actual experience on the night was much better.  I did not take photos of the place itself, as it was dark outside and with many people dining, it would be intrusive taking photos inside.   My food photos are not the best either, due to the low lighting at the table, so my friend helped me out with the torch on his mobile.

I took Frank's Red Hot chilli sauce with me, to have with the cauliflower pakoras, a perfect accompaniment for the delicious pakoras, though I would  want more and would certainly not have been worth £9.50 if I had ordered houmous.

The risotto was excellent too, plenty wild mushrooms, perfectly cooked rice and a good drizzle of basil oil, I could not fault it.   I have eaten some shocking risottos over the years and this was a good test of chef's skills and he certainly passed, one of the best risottos I have eaten of late.

I would definitely return to Bertrams, even after the issues mentioned above, it is fantastic they have a vegan menu and I would definitely order a dessert next time.

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