Thursday, 5 October 2017

We Love Cake Mince Pies

We Love Cake are owned by parent company Bells of Lazonby and are dedicated to making gluten free cakes and bakes.   However they are also exceptionally vegan friendly, with the likes of chocolate and orange tart, cranberry and pecan flapjack, apple crumble slice, apple lattice pie and mince pies.

Last Christmas I bought about fifteen boxes of their mince pies, taking some on my Christmas cruise, so I did not feel left out.   I asked We Love Cake had they considered putting clear vegan labelling on their boxes and I am pleased to see they went one step further and registered for The Vegan Society trademark.   They also proudly shout about their vegan status on their website here.

We Love Cake kindly sent me some of the mince pies, bearing their new logo, what an early Christmas treat and I loved the message on the box.

The mince pies are perfectly formed, in a lovely crumbly pastry case, with plenty filling and a light dusting of sugar on top to finish them off.   They are absolutely delicious and I doubt anyone can tell they are also gluten free, I have to take my hat off to whoever created the pastry, its wonderful and begs the question, why buy any other mince pie.

The mince pies are available from Iceland countrywide and if you live in the North from Booths supermarkets, think I better go and stock up.

Disclaimer:   I received free samples of this product and have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

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