Sunday, 8 October 2017

V Pud Vegetarian Black Pudding

V Pud Vegetarian Black Pudding is made by The Real Black Pudding Company and is 100% vegan friendly too.

Unlike another product on the market utilising black beans, which I cannot eat due to allergies, V Pud is made using an award winning recipe, without animal ingredients.   I admit being apprehensive about the manufacturing process, but it is approved by The Vegetarian Society and reading the FAQ's on The Real Black Pudding Company website, alleviated my fears.   I was also pleased to note that the palm oil they use comes from sustainable sources.

From memory the black pudding looks very much like the real deal and I find it freezes well, if you do not want to use it all at once.

Once out of the wrapper it does break a little, but if you get it straight out of the fridge, it slices easier into rounds.   I gently fried in a pan, as per the cooking instructions and served as part of my Sunday breakfast, after a long walk.

The black pudding is rich, savoury and has plenty of flavour and gives vegans another option for breakfast.   It also makes an excellent sandwich filling, I had some on a toasted bagel with cannellini bean houmous and chilli sauce, it was delicious.

Disclaimer:   I have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

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