Thursday, 19 October 2017

Mackie Mayor Eagle Street Manchester 18th October 2017

Mackie Mayor is a Grade II listed market building built in 1858 and is the only intact building from the former Smithfield market.   Originally a meat market, later diversifying to sell fresh produce and fish, it has been empty since the early 1990's after failed attempts to revitalise it.

The Mackie Mayor's magnificent rise from the ashes, is all down to the team behind Altrincham Market and Market House, whose sympathetic renovation is in keeping with its heritage.   The venue is pretty awesome and has a great buzz, it so reminds me of Time Out market in Lisbon.   They had a soft opening only yesterday, so only the ground floor is open for business, but I am dying to know what the upper floor will be for, I am thinking a big bar area perhaps.

Sadly vegan friendly options are thin on the ground, in fact only Honest Crust pizza offered anything remotely vegan, their Marinara pizza, although you could tweak other pizzas to suit.  Honest Crust also told me more vegan pizzas will be introduced on the specials board.   Little Window had a side salad marked vegan on their menu and Bao Kitchen had avocado Bao, with side dishes at other vendors, you would have to check if they were vegan friendly.   I asked about vegan cake at Wolfhouse Kitchen, but my hopes were dashed and they charged 50 p for soya milk, with no other plant milks available.   Reserve Wines could not confirm definitively, which wines by the glass were vegan, although they could by the bottle, but I only wanted a glass, so I went  to Blackjack Brewery for a very nice pale ale.

I chose a Marinara pizza from Honest Crust to go with my pale ale, with some olives to nibble on, sat at the large communal tables, taking in the atmosphere.

My pizza was pretty spectacular, just like in Naples, with the classic leopard spots on the crust, a thin sourdough base, a top quality tomato sauce, with thinly sliced garlic and oregano, a simple pizza perfectly executed.   I usually cut the crusts off many pizzas, which are tough and doughy, not with this I ate every morsel.

I loved Mackie Mayor and will definitely return and although I appreciate it is early days, I am surprised the vendors are ignoring the biggest growing lifestyle and alienating their vegan customers, maybe this will be rectified.

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