Saturday, 14 October 2017

Hansas Vegetarian North Street Leeds 13th October 2017

Hansas serve food inspired by the area of Gujarat on the western coast of Indian, a predominantly Hindu state, which forbids the killing of animals, especially for food.   The Hindu vegetarian culture has developed over thousands of years into an intricate art of balancing spicing and flavours and Hansas offer a choice of dishes, to showcase the cuisine of the area.

The menu is vast and has a plethora of vegan options, all clearly labelled, fantastic to have the choice and it made choosing rather difficult.

Our telephone booking was confusing to say the least, will not go into detail, but we finally managed to get a table upstairs, on the rather cool upper floor.   I have not taken photos as other people were dining and I did not want to intrude on their experience.

Service was very hit and miss, we were left for ages before anyone thought to come over and ask if we wanted a drink, but we finally got there in the end.   They also had no mango juice and believe it or not they had run out of plain rice, which we found very bizarre.

I kicked off with Fafda Ghathiya, gram flour wafers, fried chilli, coriander & khadi chutneys and stir fried salad.

I have never eaten anything like it in an Indian restaurant, as the wafers were not hot like I envisaged, but served at room temperature and although it was tasty, it was not my favourite dish, just a poor choice on my part.

Next I ordered Ful Cobi a dish of cauliflower florets, carrot and peas in a dry curry sauce and rotli (grilled chapati).  This was a delicious dish and the chapatis were excellent, but I had to leave it.

Sadly my days of eating Indian food are over, even though I love it, it no longer loves me with my allergies to certain pulses and seeds.   The last few times I have been for an Indian meal, I have not been well, after a spoonful of the starter on this occasion, I had to leave it, as I was even worse which impacted on my main course, so I could not eat that either.   Luckily the rest of the party all dived in and ate it for me.

If you love Indian though, this is definitely the place to try, as it is not your typical Indian restaurant, but authentic regional cooking, it is a quirky place and you really have to go with the flow.

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