Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Fress Restaurant Oldham Street Manchester 18th October 2017

Fress Restaurant is in the Northern Quarter, in a building which was a newsagents, but is now a stylish venue and according to their website they serve seasonal, locally sourced products, with everything made on site.

They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails, but it is disappointing there is no vegan breakfast and only two vegan dishes on the lunch and dinner menu, surprising as the Northern Quarter is renowned for being vegan friendly. 

We went for breakfast on a Wednesday morning around 10.45 am and there was not a soul in the place, so the atmosphere was zero.   We ordered coffees and my first comment would be, why serve such a small cup, I want a big mug.   I had a chat with the waitress, about the possibility of soya in the avocado on sourdough toast with sides of mushrooms and peppers, but we came to the conclusion that it would be fine. 

My breakfast was perfectly acceptable, but I was not blown away, compared to other avocado on toast I have had at the likes of Moose Coffee, Ezra and Gil or Takk, it was lacking if I was being honest.

Would I go back, based on this visit, sadly not.

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