Thursday, 14 September 2017

The Radish New Street Lancaster 14th September 2017

The Radish are a catering company, who also have a cafe in the middle of Lancaster, with a lovely inviting frontage.

The food is freshly made onsite, they have oat and soya milk and are really vegan friendly, with cakes clearly labelled on the menu.   I had a quick chat with the owner, who said most of the salads they prepared were vegan and they were happy to adjust dishes as best they could, so you cannot say fairer than that.

We were there mid morning, so it had to be coffee and something sweet and I was spoiled for choice, when I checked out the display cabinet.

I chose one of the coconut, sultana and chia seed cookies and a decaf Americano coffee, with the beans freshly ground in front of us.  

The cookie was crunchy with the chia seeds, moist from the sultanas, had a lovely coconut flavour, as light as a feather and with a top class decaf, made for a perfect snack.   I also like they use 100% recycled paper serviettes.

I would definitely return to for lunch, as the salads they were putting in the display fridge, looked very tempting.

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