Saturday, 9 September 2017

Larder Deli Gardner Street Brighton 5th September 2017

Larder Deli is on bustling Gardner Street and is a small cafe and deli, offering vegan food throughout the day.

I chose the avocado and beetroot toasted sandwich and Steven wanted a jacket potato with dahl, although I messed his order up and he got a dhal platter, with loads of bread, that was not gluten free.

My toasted sandwich was okay and the dhal was just alright, nothing outstanding, but we were starving so tucked in, although Steven left the bread.   I was rather disappointed to find that the onion bhajis with the dhal, came on a bone china plate, surprising for a 100% vegan establishment, maybe they do not know where bone china originates.

There are so many other great places in Brighton to choose from, so Larder would not be on my revisit list.

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