Saturday, 9 September 2017

Beelzebab At The Hope & Ruin Queens Road Brighton 5th September 2017

The Hope & Ruin is a pub and live music venue, with a vegan kitchen run by Beelzebab and is a pub like no other, with an ecletic and wacky decor, with items like old washing machines incorporated as furniture.

The menu looks awesome with hot dogs, loaded fries and a seitan doner, with brownies and ice-cream supplied by Boho Gelato.

The kitchen is the back half of a caravan, located in the bar, so I had to take a photo, notice the number plate.

We managed to find a table on a busy Tuesday evening and chose a Beelzebab doner minus the soya tzatziki, a Krautwerk dog and Fritz's fries and waited in anticipation.

This is proper vegan junk food, not stodgy or greasy, but finger licking good, and impossible to eat in a delicate way, so I just got stuck in.   Steven was equally impressed with his tofu dog and we both loved the fries.   I had a quick chat with chef Luke, to express our love for the food and to pick his brain for tips on how he makes the best seitan I have ever eaten, as my attempts resulted in a heavy, rubbery mess that went in the bin.

This place is highly recommended and when back in Brighton, I would be there like a shot.

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