Monday, 14 August 2017

Little Aladdin High Street Manchester 13th August 2017

Little Aladdin used to be your everyday kebab shop, when owner Ali sold the business and then reacquired it and having gone vegetarian himself, reopened as 100% vegan in January this year.

Inside it is a basic cafe style, with seating for eat in customers and a menu on the wall offering curries, burgers, falafels, chips etc all at very reasonable prices.

I asked if there was soya in the falafels or wraps and owner Ali assured me there was not, so I ordered falafel wrap with chilli sauce and chips and Steven ordered Sabzi Murchi with pilau rice, a bottle of water and a can of coke.

This is no frills cooking, but fresh, tasty and filling and for the price of £13 for two, an absolute bargain.   On nights when too much alcohol has been drunk (easily done in Manchester) and you are starving, you can visit Little Aladdin, safe in the knowledge that everything is totally vegan and they are proud of it.

I will definitely revisit Little Aladdin, it would be rude not too.

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