Monday, 17 July 2017

The Precious Pea Organic Houmous

The Precious Pea (previously known as The Precious Pod) is based in Tunley near Bath, run by partners Ayleen and Mark who make organic houmous in small batches, with no less than 61.5% chickpeas in the mix, so no skimping on the main ingredient.   Their obsession with houmous,  means they only make it three days a week, to ensure consistency and for taste testing of the batches made that week.  Ayleen kindly sent me all six flavours, plain, turmeric, smoked, harissa, red pepper and kalamata to try.

I had the plain houmous for lunch, with a huge salad and homegrown Charlotte potatoes, it is not too smooth, nor too chunky and the balance of flavours is spot on, the best houmous I have eaten.

The kalamata houmous was fantastic on a wholemeal wrap, with carrot and cauliflower tabbouleh and roast piquillo peppers.   I love olives, so this combination was a classic in my opinion and a fabulous taste sensation.

The red pepper houmous, was delicious on sesame rice cakes for a light lunch, again great flavours and texture.

I had been told how fantastic the smoked houmous was, by The Allotment Vegan Restaurant, they were not kidding,

A deep smokey flavour, not too much, not too little, which was delicious on pan fried mushrooms on toast, for Sunday breakfast.   The fact Steven and I ate the whole pot between us, says it all.

The harissa houmous made with sun dried tomatoes and chilli flakes, would be great dolloped on top of a tagine.  However I ate it for lunch, on a massive salad, but enjoyed it so much, I forgot to take the photo.

I have yet to try the turmeric flavour (as Steven polished off the first one I bought), I bet it would be brilliant with poppadums or spread on chapatis, so will update this review, when I have.   My favourites up to now, are the plain and smoked, I could not choose between them, I could easily eat a pot of each anytime.

I like supporting smaller companies, instead of the big guys and I love the ethos behind The Precious Pea and their quality products, so let us hope Booths retain this on the shelf, so I can keep feeding my addiction.

Disclaimer:   I received free samples of this product and have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

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