Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Cloth Ear Skipper Street Belfast 28th June 2017

The Cloth Ear is a public bar, located in The Merchant Hotel, recommended by my Twitter friend Zoe Anderson.

The Cloth Ear offers an interesting vegan menu, with some good options, but I went with Zoe's suggestion of sea veg and chips.

What a good choice this turned out to be, I have never eaten anything, that looks so much like a piece of battered fish.

The whole dish was so tasty, with a very light but extra crispy batter, delicious chips, minted peas and a lovely herby vegan tartare sauce.   The fish was actually courgette wrapped in sea kelp and will be added to my repertoire of dishes to replicate at home.   I left a clean plate, it was that good.

I love that The Cloth Ear offers a vegan menu and a good one at that and I would definitely revisit, when we return to Belfast, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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