Friday, 30 June 2017

Kafe Umami Undir Bryggjubakka 19 Torshavn 26th June 2017

Kafe Umami was a welcome find in Torshavn, where I was not expecting to find any vegan options.   I enquired if the bread was vegan and soya free and would the houmous sandwich be vegan friendly, so the waitress immediately asked the kitchen and confirmed it was.

I ordered the houmous sandwich, with unlimited Earl Grey tea, as I had some almond milk, in my rucksack.   The sandwich was huge, packed with beetroot houmous and loads of salad, a perfect lunch with the tea, as I was starving.

The Faroe Islands like Norway and Iceland is expensive and lunch set me back £12.00, but I was over the moon to find somewhere catering for vegans, so it was well worth the money.

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