Good Carma Foods Flavour Fusion Dairy Free Cheese Alternatives

Good Carma Foods is the inspiration of Charlotte Bates, in honour of her mother, who sadly passed away from cancer in 2013.  Charlotte wanted to offer dairy cheese alternatives, without compromising on flavour, but using healthy nutrient rich ingredients.   The cheeses are made from natural ingredients like almonds, cashews, nutritional yeast, rich in vitamin B12 and Himalayan salt, so no preservatives, additives or E numbers, which I avoid.

Thus the Flavour Fusion range was born, a dairy free Parmesan substitute, which comes in three flavours, original, garlic and chilli, my favourite is original and I always have at least two or three in the cupboard.

I use the original Flavour Fusion, in so many dishes, risottos, pasta, vegetable bakes or whenever cheese is required.   It has a long shelf life and in its portable container has travelled with me on several cruises, so I can pimp up dishes when needed, it will be coming with me again, later in the year.   I love the cheesy, non overpowering flavour, strong enough to add depth to dishes and great as a condiment, I sprinkle it on so many things, no wonder I start worrying, if I am getting low on stock.

 Sweet Potato Benedict with Cheesy Hollandaise

 Aubergine Parmigiana

Sausage Stuffed Cheesy Mushrooms

The second addition to the Good Carma range is Spread Sensation and Charlotte kindly sent me a sample, but sadly when I looked at the ingredients, realised I would not be able to try it, as it contained soya in the form of miso.

Steven who is reducing cheese in his diet, but finding it difficult to source good alternatives, to suit his taste, was more than happy to test.   He has tried various cream cheeses, including Violife original, Tesco and Sainsburys own brand, but not keen on the mild flavour, he wanted mature cheese.   He was not keen on their solid, sometimes dense textures or the taste, especially the soya based ones, he is fussy, so he is a tough nut to crack.

Spread Sensation has a nice texture, darker in colour and coarser than other cream cheeses, but Steven liked this, it was not solidified, so easy to spread.

The cheese has a lovely mature cheddar aroma, so a jacket potato for lunch, was crying out for a big dollop, with some vegan margarine.

He said it had a rich deep cheese flavour, with no lingering after taste, and would make a great addition to a vegan cheese board, with crackers and chutney.   By the time he had eaten his lunch, he was making a list of other uses, such as in cheese sauces, on toast, in sandwiches, pasta and risotto dishes, another versatile vegan product.

Steven had the cheese on crackers for lunch today, he could not stop eating it, just shows what a tasty product, Charlotte has created.

Good Carma Food products are available online or at Waitrose and independents and are a must have item in the vegan store cupboard.

Disclaimer:   I received free samples of this product and have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.


  1. These are really teasing my taste buds. I am definitely going to be ordering this range for my kitchen. Keep up the good work.

  2. This is the best dairy product i have seen so far because i love cheese but the problem is its rich with fats so i can't eat mostly. This alterntive is a good option.


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