Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Federal Cafe Bar Nicholas Croft Manchester 12th April 2017

Federal Café Bar is an independent owned coffee shop, located in the Northern Quarter, serving all day brunch and cocktails, using locally sourced produce.  

Federal recently introduced a vegan option, of citrus avocado, sun blushed tomato, mushroom and dukkah bagel, so was an obvious choice on a recent visit into the city centre.   When I checked their menu, they also offer other vegan options, such as peanut butter, strawberry or Marmite bagel and avocado on sourdough and maybe they can make the porridge with a plant milk.

Luckily we managed to get a seat, although on a nice day, you can sit outside, but on a rainy Wednesday, this was not an option.   You order food and drinks at the counter, which was a bit of a pain, as we sat in the middle of a communal table, one side backing onto a wall, so even going to the toilets, you had to disturb others, which we were conscious of.

The large Americano decaf coffee I ordered, was in my mind not large, not even filled to the top of the cup, more a regular compared to other places, but for a decaf coffee, it tasted great.

The avocado on bagel, was nicely presented, plenty mushrooms and a grilled piece of tomato, I can only presume they ran out of sun blushed.

The dish was okay, but lacked seasoning and where was the citrus on the avocado, it needed a good squeeze of lemon or lime.   I think I am biased having eaten twice at a local competitor recently, whose avocado on sourdough, is the bees knees and perfect in every way.

I was also not keen on having to order from the counter, I really wanted another coffee, but did not want to leave my breakfast going cold, disturb our table companions once more, then have to queue again at the counter.

Would I go back to Federal, perhaps, although with so many places in the Northern Quarter to choose from, it would not be top of the list.

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