Friday, 28 April 2017

Common Bar Edge Street Manchester 28th April 2017

I was looking for a breakfast venue and Common Bar got our business, as other places in the near vicinity, had no clearly marked vegan options on the menu.   When will places learn, that they are losing business, by not making an effort to provide vegan options.   You certainly cannot miss Common Bar with its very bright exterior, it does stand out.

Inside we sat in the window, whilst looking at the menus, it is a huge place, very deceiving from the outside.

The menu has various vegan options, including vegan breakfast, served with some of the best sourdough in Manchester, made by Pollen Bakery.

I asked for the vegan breakfast, without tofu and beans (due to allergies) with extra avocado and mushrooms and a large black decaf Americano.

My breakfast was delicious and just the thing, after a few glasses of wine the night before, it was really tasty and the sourdough, well what can I say.   I would definitely recommend Common Bar and will revisit.

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