Sunday, 12 February 2017

Fellinis Church Street Ambleside 11th February 2017

Fellinis is a fine dining vegetarian restaurant, opened in 2009, right in the centre of Ambleside, incorporating a cinema, so you can have a full evening out, although we only went for dinner.

Fellinis was packed when we arrived and whilst perusing the menu, I pushed the boat out, ordering a George Duboeuf Pouilly Fuisse wine, an early Valentines treat and wow what a cracker.

I kicked off with oven dried cherry tomatoes, cashew cheese, ciabatta toast and chive vinaigrette, an absolutely awesome combination,  a little like a vegan version of Insalata Caprese and the colours of the Italian flag, it was a stunning dish.

Next up was pearl barley, bean and pepper casserole (thankfully the beans were cannellini), another delicious, comforting dish, this is accomplished cooking, I loved it.

Finally to dessert, chocolate and coconut tart, with an almond and date base, though I changed the berry sauce for ginger sorbet.

The photos say it all, this was a serious chocolate pudding, smooth and lush, with the crunch of the base, all the flavours marrying well, with the ginger sorbet.   I am not a sweet toothed person at all, but I was in complete chocolate heaven.

Fellinis is the best vegetarian restaurant I have visited, its fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere, I love the creativity, presentation and most importantly the taste, each dish is well thought out.   The menus change regularly and if I lived nearby, it would be hard to keep away and so I will have to wait until next time.

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