Sunday, 12 February 2017

Chesters By The River Skelwith Bridge Ambleside 9th February 2017

I visited Chesters By The River years ago, but since then, it has become fully vegetarian, so whilst out on a long walk, it was a perfect stop for lunch.

Chesters looks very inviting from the front, with plenty of outdoor seating, for the warmer weather, but on our visit it was freezing and although there was a ten minute wait for a table, it was definitely worth it.   There is a large shop, which sells wines and beers, trinkets, ornaments, stationery and there is even a very tempting takeaway, with a huge display of cakes.

The menu has plenty vegan options, with many cakes, all clearly labelled, even wines by the glass or bottle.

I chose the butternut squash and chickpea kebabs, with chips and to be honest, I had no idea what to expect.   When the dish arrived, I was so happy, the dish looked spectacular on the plate and the chips looked perfect too.

I loved my lunch, every single thing about it, the cashew dressing was delicious, especially when you dunked the kebab or the gorgeous chips in it.   The salad was tossed in a tasty dressing, with the crunch of pomegranate and the dish was sprinkled with sumac, I was totally impressed, although I was far too full for cake, maybe next trip.

I had read reviews on Tripadvisor about Chesters By The River, how customers of old, were not happy with it now being vegetarian, but the place was packed with customers of all age groups, so they must be doing something right and the food is the reason why, it is wonderful.

Would I return, you bet I would.

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