Thursday, 5 January 2017

Princesa do Castelo Rua do Salvador Lisbon 30th December 2016

I visited Princesa do Castelo in May last year and on this trip, I thought they were closed for Christmas, so when we walked round the corner to find it open, we were so happy.

Inside Princesa do Castelo is quirky, calm and tranquil and you immediately feel relaxed, as soon as you sit down,

I was immediately attracted by the delicious looking desserts on offer, in the chiller cabinets, it is a great feeling, knowing you can eat any of them.

 Chocolate & Banana Cake

Apple Strudel

Coconut Truffles

I chose homemade houmous and olives, served with freshly made chapattis and Steven ordered what was described as ackee with barbecue sauce, a simple sounding dish.   The ackee was served on a very light dosa, the presentation and colours were fabulous.   We loved our choices, absolutely delicious and totally vegan.

We were definitely not too full for pudding and one of them I did not post photos of earlier, was the raw coconut cheesecake, made from lovely ingredients like cashews and coconut, on a base of medjool dates, pecans and walnuts.   It was fantastic, light, creamy and so tasty, I love this kind of pudding, especially with the great coffee they serve.

What a shame we did not have an overnight stay in port, the New Years Eve menu looked fantastic.

We both love Princesa do Castelo, it is a vegan haven in the middle of the beautiful city of Lisbon, I highly recommend any vegans visit, if ever in the area.

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