Sunday, 25 September 2016

Ambiente Tapas Call's Landing Leeds 24th September 2016

I was meeting up with friends in Leeds and as we all love tapas, I contacted Ambiente Tapas who also have sites in York, to ask about vegan options and felt happy I would be well fed, so booked for Saturday lunch.

Ambiente has a chilled atmosphere, great decor and was light, bright and airy and very inviting from the outside too.

I chose a Fuenteseca Sauvignon Blanc wine, having had it before, knew it was vegan and an excellent wine to boot.   Although the wine list labelled wines vegetarian, maybe Ambiente could extend it to include vegan ones too, sure their vegan customers would appreciate it.

I ordered the vegetarian platter, without the non vegan empanadas, with a vegan portion of patavas bravas.   The platter included charred artichoke hearts, piquillo peppers, palm hearts, olive tapenade and tomato chutney, bread, olives and almonds.   The presentation was fantastic, made me want to tuck in, even more so, when the equally delicious looking bravas arrived on the table.

I loved the food and had no complaints and apart from the fact that I was fit to burst, would have partaken of the vegan dessert, strangely enough the only dish labelled vegan on the menu, and the strange title of Moroccan Snake Bread.

Overall the experience was great, service throughout was friendly, helpful and efficient and the food was really delicious so I will definitely revisit.

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