Tuesday, 3 April 2018

OG Juice

OG Juice raw organic juices are Soil Association certified, with no pesticides or genetically modified ingredients added.   The juices are cold pressed from fresh and unprocessed, thus retaining minerals and enzymes, to optimise nutritional benefits, although this reduces the shelf life, but I prefer as fresh as possible.   OG Juice also use a reverse osmosis water system, to wash the vegetables and fruits which avoids all the chemicals in the water used.

The juices are packed in 100% recyclable glass bottles, which is a major bonus with the use of plastic so much in the news at the moment and everyone doing their best to reduce their usage.  The cardboard box is recyclable, though sadly the polystyrene is not, although they are keen to address this issue.

The website says their juices are ideal for a cleanse to detox the body, help stimulate the digestive system, improve the immune system, boost energy levels and brighten the skin, amongst others.   I have never done a cleanse and have little of experience of juices, apart from orange at breakfast and vegetable juices are a whole new world to me, apart from tomato juice, which I absolutely hate.

I tried five juices, kicking off with Green for breakfast and must admit I was surprised, the juice was quite refreshing with a distinct cucumber taste, packed with Vitamins A, K, C & E.

My mid morning juice was Purple, with the vibrant colour of beetroot, one of my favourite vegetables and bursting with Vitamins A, C, K and B8.   I was concerned that this would be far too earthy in flavour, but I was wrong, as the carrot added sweetness and it made for an enjoyable drink.

Lunch was Supergreen and being vibrant green I was expecting a grassy flavour, but it had a pleasant taste, very similar to the Green juice, with lots of Vitamins A, K, potassium and calcium.

My afternoon juice Strawberry, gives a massive Vitamin C boost from strawberries and orange, as well as Omega 3 from the chia seeds and the smell was amazing.

The final juice although more a milkshake, was the delicious Almond with loads of vanilla, sweetened with dates and a good source of calcium yielding 231 mg towards your daily needs, as well as potassium and Vitamin E.

The juices are a good sized portion at 467 ml and more satisfying that I expected, although I am not sure I could manage more than a one day cleanse.   You have to prepare mentally and logistically for a cleanse and need to keep busy to avoid thinking about food, especially in the evening. 

You can order the OG Original Cleanse or create your own bespoke cleanse and this is where I did get a bit of a surprise with the price, although you get a 10% discount for a monthly subscription.

I decided to do some online research, as with no knowledge of the juice business and what is available, I needed a comparison.   It was impossible to compare like for like, with so many variants, but I found OG Juices are at a similar price point in the organic raw juice market.   There is also the convenience of not having to buy a juicer and all the ingredients,  it is not always possible to source organic produce, plus I look at juicers and think of the washing up.

Did I feel any benefits, none that I noticed, but to be fair my diet includes over ten portions of fruit and vegetables every day anyway, mostly organic and much of it raw.   However for those whose diet is not especially balanced and think a detox and cleanse would be beneficial, especially on a regular basis, alongwith a big boost of vitamins and minerals, these would be ideal. 

Disclaimer:  I received free samples of these products and have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

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