Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Red Elk Bakery Manchester

The Red Elk Bakery is owned by Adam and it is quite a story, as to how the business originated.  Adam grew up in a vegan household, although not vegan himself initially and was obsessed with baking, especially things like sponge cakes.   He went to university to gain a PHD in politics in Nottingham, where he was involved in a serious car accident, which made him reassess his life, go vegan and turn back to his passion of baking, whilst holding down a full time job.

The Red Elk Bakery name originates from a Japanese animated historical film and its sole aim is to make vegan cakes and bakes, which will appeal to everyone, not just vegans.

Adam kindly sent me some samples of his swirls, made in four flavours, lotus and ginger, cinnamon, chocolate bourbon and vanilla and Oreo, drizzled with icing.

I immediately put the kettle on, when the postman dropped them off, made a large pot of coffee and sampled all four.

The swirls are made from a yeast dough, which was quite light and moist with a lovely texture, as can be seen from the photos.   I have had similar products in the past, where the dough has been heavy, stodgy and dry.  The flavours were delicious, although I would have liked more ginger with the lotus, although it is a fine balance, as ginger is quite strong and may not be to everyone's taste.   My favourite was definitely the chocolate bourbon, closely followed by the cinnamon.  They were rather large as a treat to go with coffee, which I mentioned to Adam, although to be fair that is just my opinion, others would probably disagree.

 Lotus & Ginger

Vanilla & Oreo



The Red Elk Bakery can deliver most fragile products within the city centre itself or they can be collected and goods like the swirls can be delivered by post.

I love to support vegan businesses, especially small enterprising independents, who are starting out in life and hope others do too.

Disclaimer:  I received free samples of these products and have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

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