Friday, 19 January 2018

Enzo Fountain Street Manchester 19th January 2018

I have been to Enzo several times and to a couple of their vegan nights, but this was my first visit for breakfast.

There is a breakfast menu and although there are only two vegan friendly options, I know they can also do a full vegan breakfast.

I had a hangover and this was a first for me, I rather fancied a breakfast pizza, so enquired if this was possible and was told a definite yes.

Enzo pride themselves on their coffee and I can certainly vouch for the decaf Americano coffee I had, it was delicious, as was my pizza.

The base was perfect, as was the tomato sauce and toppings and I really love the vegan cheese they use, one of the best, so I happily munched my way through most of it, but had to admit defeat, as I was fit to burst.   It was a perfect hangover cure and I immediately felt better, maybe next time I will have to ask for the vegan breakfast.

I had a quick chat with co owner James, who I have chatted with on social media, but not actually met until today and he told me that they are planning more vegan nights, so I look forward to revisiting soon.

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