Friday, 1 December 2017

Gló Foods Making Vegan Easy

Gló Foods is a brand new family run business, its aim to make buying vegan products easy, for anyone juggling work, family and social lives and those wishing to adopt a vegan lifestyle, without spending hours scrutinising labels in the supermarket.

Gló Foods target markets are:
  • Vegans
  • Meat eaters who want to reduce meat and dairy
  • Vegetarians who want to transition to vegan
  • Dairy intolerant
  • Hosts who have a vegan guest 

I think the concept is a great idea, making it easy to source healthy, wholesome, plant based food, from a one stop shop.   You can choose from an extensive grocery list or specific meal lists like breakfast, lunch and dinner or pick a meal package you fancy making at home, click on the ingredients required, which are added to your basket, along with a recipe card.   The first person who immediately came to mind and would benefit from this resource would be someone like Steven, a meat reducer who hates supermarket shopping, but wants to source ingredients and wants an easy life.   Steven is cutting out meat and dairy, so the number of meat and dairy free alternatives on Gló Foods website, gives him a good selection to choose from, however probably best if I take control, as he can get carried away!

Gló Foods would be brilliant for people wanting to buy vegan products for loved ones, for Christmas, birthdays or just an impromptu surprise, I certainly would love to receive a goody box.

I wondered how competitive Gló Foods would be, so did some price comparisons against online retailer Ocado and Gló Foods fared well, which I was pleased about, as I prefer to support independents rather than high street giants.

Price comparison 1st December 2017

Deliveries are made by either Royal Mail or Parcelforce 24, with a minimum order of £10 and if you live in the Bath or Bristol areas, you get free delivery on orders over £50.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, drop them an email and they will do their best, to add new products to their website.

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