Sunday, 23 July 2017

Mitton Hall Mitton Whalley 22nd July 2017

Mitton Hall is part of the James Places Group with several venues in the Ribble Valley and is a beautiful and imposing building, perfect for weddings and functions.   We were meeting up with friends for lunch, so it was a good midway point, especially as there is plenty of parking.

I found out, whilst reading a TripAdvisor review, that Mitton Hall had introduced vegan menus, so emailed to request copies.

I was gutted the menus were heavily soya based and with the Wellington containing lentils, my allergies were a right pain on this occasion.   However chef suggested a Moroccan spiced chickpea and pepper Wellington, with spiced tomato and saffron sauce and coriander relish instead.

There are several vegan wines on the list which I recognised, as I have done such a lot of research as to vegan wines, but sure if I dug deeper on Mitton Halls' wine list, there would be loads more.   These are a few of them, but what a shame they are not clearly labelled.

Adobe Cabernet Sauvignon
Novas Cabernet Sauvignon
Tabali Viognier
Sanviglio Pinot Grigio

I kicked off with blood orange and fennel salad with a tapioca crisp, a lovely light, refreshing dish, which looked really attractive.   The fennel was prepared like a ceviche dish, so marinated in citrus juices to soften it, as fennel can be very crunchy, I shall be stealing this idea.

My main course was equally well presented and really delicious and the coriander relish was fabulous, but there were no potatoes or vegetables, as on Steven's vegetarian version, only salad.

I mentioned the lack of potatoes on my main course to the Manager, who said she would pass my comments on to the kitchen.   I wished I had said something earlier, as on checking the vegan menu, on returning home, the dish should have had new season potatoes and spring greens.   This is something Mitton Hall need to keep an eye on, if the menu says what is included in a dish, it should be on the plate when served to the customer.

I was impressed with the vegan menu overall and the Manager said their chefs were happy to amend dishes or offer alternatives, to suit people with allergies like me.   I would definitely return, it is a fantastic venue, with gorgeous grounds and a terrace to the rear overlooking the River Ribble.

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